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Visa payWave: Speedy SalesVisa payWave: Speedy Sales

Visa payWave wave through

Put your business in to the fast lane with Visa’s contactless payment solution. Visa payWave® is a convenient and faster way to pay.

Merchants are able to take advantage of increased speed and convenience with the Visa payWave contactless payment solution, a great way to make low-value transactions and everyday purchases faster and more convenient than with cash.

With Visa payWave, customers simply wave their Visa card with the Visa payWave feature in front of a secure contactless reader at check-out and the transaction is completed in less than three seconds. With no signature to check or PIN to enter for purchases under $50 – and cardholder receipt optional – expect faster transactions, shorter lines and happier customers.

The Visa payWave payment solution is ideal for merchants with high volumes of customers where speed of service is essential – in particular, quick-service restaurants, coffee shops, movie theatres, convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, newsstands and more.


Your customer simply waves his/her Visa card with the Visa payWave feature in front of a secure contactless reader; with no more fumbling for cash and no customer signature or PIN required for purchases under $50, you'll see faster service at check-out, shorter lines and fewer customers turning away.

Cost Savings

Faster lines translate to efficiency and cost savings, while less cash handling helps reduce the costs of cash management and slippage.

Higher Average Ticket Size

Consumers typically spend more when using cards than when paying with cash; Visa payWave transactions encourage higher average ticket size.

Enhanced Security

The Visa payWave payment platform leverages the security benefits of chip card technology, providing you and your customers with a secure contactless payment solution.

The Visa payWave platform uses dynamic data authentication (DDA) to ensure that only a valid Visa card with the Visa payWave feature can be accepted at certified contactless terminals.

How it Works

Visa cards with the Visa payWave feature are embedded with an antenna and a microchip. The chip, via the antenna, is able to communicate with the secure contactless reader.

Rather than inserting a card or having you swipe it, customers wave their Visa card with the Visa payWave feature in front of a secure contactless reader at the check-out counter. The customer maintains control of the card for the entire payment process. Simply follow the prompts and the secure contactless reader will indicate when the transaction has been processed. Receipts are not necessary unless requested by the customer.

To review additional frequently asked questions, please see the Visa payWave Merchant Quick Reference and FAQ document.

Contact your Acquirer/Payment Processor to learn how your business can benefit from the Visa payWave contactless payment solution.